Welcome to the new, no longer Brazilian — but still covering gay, lesbian, and transgendered topics in sex education and sexual rights.

Let’s face it: in most places, kids are not sufficiently likely to get decent sex education at all. Parents are usually inhibited, schools are limited by any number of reasons (Federal or state regulations, so-called ‘community standards’, the quality of the staff and resources, et cetera), and peers and the general community are typically more likely to impede rather than encourage healthy sexual development.

I just want you to know we will be holding fund raisers in a number of the major cities to raise funds to help us reach out to the GLS community. Our first one will be help in Boston MA. We are planning to hold a gala event with a raffling of gift baskets filled with donated items and gift certificates from local merchants. We are hoping to have at least ten gift baskets to raffle. Some will be filled with gourmet treats, both sweet and savory. We would like to have a number of wine gift baskets filled not only with bottles of three to four wines, but also offering wine accessories, and a few select nibbles. Several folks have suggested chocolate lovers gift baskets filled with only chocolate products. I have also received several requests for gift baskets aimed appropriate for the children of gay / lesbian couples. Fruit gift baskets are always popular. We plan on soliciting stores that offer only organic fruits. With more and more state allowing gay marriages, there will definitely have to be some wedding oriented gift baskets for the raffle. In addition, we will also add to each gift basket a couple of pro gay | lesbian | transgender t-shits, and stickers. If you have any other ideas for a gift basket theme, let us know.

Speaking of Boston, the last time I was there I was visiting a car accident attorney on behalf of my parents. They were involved in a serious car accident caused by a DUI driver. As a result, they were in the hospital recovering from multiple injuries. Since neither of them were in any shape either physically or mentally to deal with the insurance companies or a lawyer, I was tasked with the responsibility. The whole process was quite an eye opener. I always assumed car accident lawyers were “ambulance chasers,” but the law firm and lawyers I was dealing with were amazing. Although they took 35% of the settlement as their fee, I felt it was worth every penny. This time in Boston will be celebratory and fun. No bad vibes, no dread and worry, no stress. I love Boston. Besides the fundraiser I am planning on visiting family and friends. It should be a great trip.

When the kids have issues of sexual orientation or gender identification, the limitations of sex ed can be multiplied by about a zillion or so. Even reasonable, helpful, caring people can find themselves completely flustered or otherwise unable to provide the guidance that young gay, lesbian, and transgendered people need most. And it goes without saying that there are plenty of people who are NOT reasonable, helpful, or caring in such circumstances…

On one hand, the Internet has been helpful in some respects, providing a much more accessible platform for information and support (and loan refinancing). However, I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you how much misinformation, disinformation, and downright ‘anti-information’ exists on the Interweb. Trying to find a simple answer to a simple question can easily churn up masses of hate speech, porn, and plenty of those individuals and groups who are motivated by something other than serving a need for education and support.

However, one of the ways in which the internet can be helpful in supporting the acceptance of gays is through the use of tactics and strategies that bring information about our cause directly to internet users through search engines. By using sophisticated strategies, like enterprise SEO (typically used to promote the sale of products, but equally useful to promote ideas), our supporters can make positive news stories rise to the top of the search for terms like ‘homosexual’ or ‘gay lifestyle’ and a myriad of other terms that may otherwise carry negative connotations in the non-curated blogs. But by advancing through the search, articles and websites that promote positive positions and articles, the organizations that support our cause can greatly influence the rapidly changing public perceptions.

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