Debunking Anti-Gay Myths

I just received a stunning gift basket the other day for my birthday. My friends had gotten together and selected from an e-commerce site that sold great birthday gifts a basket filled with all my favorite goodies. The gift basket was so spectacular with a couple of bottles of fine champagne paired with sweet and savory delicacies such as Godiva milk chocolate pieces, Lindt Gold Truffles, the Ghirardelli Masterpiece Collection of chocolates, Moonstruck Mayan milk chocolate, Moravian cranberry orange cookies, along with Camembert cheese, and gourmet seasoned popcorn. Most surprising was what was in a little silver wrapped box that was hidden among all the edible goodies. When I opened it up, I was delightfully stunned to see two striking cubic zirconia rings. If you are not familiar with cubic zirconia let me tell you about this synthesized material. According to Wikipedia, synthetic cubic zirconia has remained the most gemologically and economically important competitor for diamonds since commercial production began in 1976. It is hard, optically flawless and usually colorless, but is also available in a variety of different colors. One of my lovely cubic zirconia rings was a clear sparkly white, looking like the most brilliant diamond you have ever seen. The other was a gorgeous garnet red, the color of my birthstone. Each ring had different but complimentary settings. I slipped the rings on my fingers. The fit was perfect. After the gift basket was delivered the door bell rang again, and there everyone was, holding champagne flutes in hand, waiting to start the celebration. I flashed my new cubic zirconia rings so everyone could admire them. I feel so blessed to have such caring friends when there are so many other people who just want to knock down and demonize who we are.

I was inspired to post this following a report on anti-gay materials sent to 14,000+ schools by the “American College of Pediatrics”. Sounds legit, right? Well…it’s actually about a dozen or so of bigoted people who left the American Academy of Pediatrics in a huff when the AAP decided same-sex parents were worthy of the same support as heterosexual parents. Like a flock of sheep they rumbled off, all looking and sounding the same in their fleece jackets! Well, perhaps I shouldn’t disparage sheep or fleece that way.

It just makes me so angry and frustrated that professional doctors who state on their web site that The American College of Pediatricians is a national medical association of licensed physicians and healthcare professionals who specialize in the care of infants, children, and adolescent, should then also state that the rates of success and negative effects of psychotherapy aimed at changing homosexual attractions (in adolescents) are on par with those of therapy aimed at other behavioral challenges, when in fact that is not true. Anyone who is LGBTQ knows that.

The American College of Pediatrics believe that “Delaying all sexual activity and delaying “coming out” during adolescence is the best way to avoid any negative consequences,” and the grave health risks, self-destructive behaviors, and struggles with self-image associated with the LGBTQ lifestyle are NOT caused primarily by social stigmatization, but is typical for most adolescents. Hah! Obviously none of the people have experienced growing up as a LGBTQ person.

In addition, their argument goes…Since 75% of adolescents who had some initial same-sex attraction between the ages of 17-21 ultimately declared exclusive heterosexuality, why should persons of authority, namely the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP), affirm that any of these feelings of same-sex attraction are inherent, valid, or fixed for life. The American College of Pediatrics imply that by parental intervention and perhaps the assistance of a therapist most “confused” adolescents will ultimately declare themselves heterosexual. It is as if those young folks who identify as LGBTQ, don’t exist or do not suffer social stigmatization and that pediatricians should NOT affirm non-heterosexual attractions in adolescents as normal. In other words your feeling as a LGBTQ are not really valid.

Anyway, the materials included a distorted and curiously amateurish rip-off of the Academy’s “Just the Facts” publication ( full pdf file here. If you’re not familiar with the original, it is a somewhat dry but exceptionally objective overview of sexual orientation topics geared toward educational professionals).

Give yourself and your peers the best kind of birthday gift: education, awareness and understanding. Invaluable presents such as these can only truly be achieved by well sourced information sources.

Basically, the American College of Pediatrics version was a rehash of the same slanted arguments that anti-gay people and groups use when they’re trying to sound professional and scientific (basically, the sort of pseudo-logic you find in Intelligent Design).

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