More Debunking

If only there were one or two tired arguments to refute. However, those crafty little anti – gay folks just keep coming up with more ways to look foolish. Here’s the next batch:

  • “Sexual reorientation therapy has proven effective for those with unwanted homosexual attractions” – – it sure has. Why, given the right sort of therapy you can pretty much get anyone to agree to anything – – especially if it makes the pain go away and helps you fit in better. Every cult leader knows that. The downside is that the people who have gone through this ‘therapy’ have largely fallen back into their ‘sinful ways’ at the first opportunity, and / or developed significant mental problems (maybe due to repression and post – traumatic stress? Just guessing…).
  • “For many youth, homosexual attraction develops due to negative or traumatic experiences, such as sexual abuse. These students need therapy for the trauma, not affirmation of a ‘gay identity.'” – – I do not know about you, but I am feeling nauseous. It is hard to argue against the need for therapy after sexual abuse. On the other hand, when statistics clearly show that an equal percentage of heterosexual and homosexual persons suffer abuse, causation is not merely labored, it is non – existent.
  • You can tell if a man is gay if he is a sharp dresser. Really? This is one of those myths which is everywhere. Thinking a man is a sharp dresser or nice looking does NOT make you gay. True there are many gay men who are very aware of dressing well. But to make such a generalized statement is foolish. It implies that straight men must all be incompetent when it comes to dressing well. Obviously the mens fashion industry is big business whether it is apparel appropriate for going to work or for outdoor wear. Just recently I was looking at an online store selling mens’ North Face fleece jackets. NorthFace is a brand that known for its innovation and cutting edge technology. It has also become very fashionable for certain demographics. If you see someone wearing a NorthFace jacket, let’s say, the Thermal Pro Men’s Grizzly 2 fleece jacket in white with white ski pants, red ski books, gloves and scarf on a ski slope, do you peg them as gay? Certainly looks fashionably stylish!
  • OR can you tell if a man is gay if he is knowledgeable about decorating? Do you really think that only gay men can discuss Roman Shades & drapery, upholstery options, furniture, wallpaper, rugs, and room accessories. What about the man who owns a drapery store and needs to know the differences among flat, hobble, or relaxed roman shades or perhaps why balloon or London shades are not the best choice if they are going to be raised and lowered numerous times during the day. Or the sales men of that store? A drapery store owner will need to understand fabrications, color and design elements. Likewise, if a customer requests a roman shade style, the owner or/ and definitely the sales person needs to inform the customer that this type of shade is not appropriate where there are young children where full adult supervision is not possible at all times of the day and night because of child strangulation possibilities. Certainly there are many gay men who are interested in decorating. But there are certainly many non gay men within the drapery and fabrication marketplace, probably even some of those anti-gay folks!
  • “Homosexuals are promiscuous or avoid long – term relationships” – – well, some are / do. In fact, it is about half – and – half for gay men (therefore, about the same percentage in long – term monogamous relationships as heterosexual men) and about 70% of lesbians are in a long – term relationship (which is around 10 – 15% MORE LIKELY than heterosexual women to be in a long-term relationship). In other words, this kind of argument is complete crap.
  • NO matter how you phrase is, this is a hot topic. It is hard to have this conversation with just anybody.

There are more stereotypes than we care to discuss. They are all part of the problem which is holding us back from taking a very serious step into the future. There are just too many people who are ignorant or just do not care to adjust to a new way of thinking. They hold society back as a whole because in this as in many things we are only as strong as our weakest link. We care enough to try to change the world, do you? Everyone can make a difference, do you?

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